Protocols during COVID

 Please read carefully before your appointment

  • If sick stay home- please answer honestly, have you traveled out of the country/state in the last 2 weeks? Have you been around anyone not feeling well? Have you traveled to one of the states that require a 14 day quarentine per Mayor Bowser?  If yes, please reschedule.
  • Proceed to back room and wash hands upon arrival
  • You must wear a face mask upon entering and the entire time you are receiving services
  • Please no handshakes or hugs with stylists
  • Only bring yourself to the salon- no friends/ family/ dogs/ kids
  • Only bring in phone and wallet – no big purses, magazines, crafts, books, etc.
  • Please download apple pay or a form of contactless payment on your phone, we will have the credit card processors but the less contact the better.
  • Blowout services will be optional at this time. We are trying to limit the amount of particles dispersed into the air but please realize that sometimes we will need to blowdry to complete your look.
  • Please refrain from using our restroom facilities